Why Do I Wake Up With a Headache?Sinus Problems And Tension

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If you have ever asked yourself “Why do I wake up with a headache?” then you have a head start to finding the solution to this problem. This is because these morning headaches that you are having are a symptom which indicates certain potential causes of the headaches.

If you have targeted headaches to originating when you first wake up then you can narrow down the possible causes of the headache and find out how you can get rid of them for good.

Why Would You Wake Up With a Headache?

There are many different reasons that you may wake up with a headache. Some potential issues that could cause early morning headaches include sinus problems, tension, and heavy medication use. If you read about the specifics of each of these types of morning headaches then you should be able to narrow it down to what the cause of yours is.

Sinus Problems

If you have sinus problems then there is a good chance that these issues could trigger a headache at any time during the day. These headaches are the cause of sinus passages becoming inflamed. When you have a sinus infection you will likely feel the pain in your face and temple and this pain is often exaggerated when you first get up in the morning. You may feel a postnasal drip, have nasal discharge, and a sore throat as well if you are suffering from sinus related headaches.


Tension is another potential cause of headaches which may occur at any time of the day. A headache caused by tension will feel similar to having a metal clamp restricting your head or neck. This may also feel similar to an elastic band tightening around your head or neck. These headaches may occur on occasion or on a daily basis.

These headaches are typically caused by stress and anxiety. Depression may also trigger frequent tension headaches. Those that suffer from this type of headache on a regular basis may notice that they occur early in the morning and late at night.

Heavy Medication Use – Why Would You Wake Up With a Headache?

Heavy medication use can cause you to have a headache at any time of day. Usually headaches will result from frequent medication use. After taking the same medicine for a few weeks it is very likely that long term side effects such as frequent headaches may occur. A symptom of overmedicating is that you will wake up with a headache.

Taking any medication to treat the headaches could end up worsening the issue. People that use too much of a certain drug (even caffeine and headache pills) are putting themselves at risk of heavy medication use caused headaches which tend to show up first thing in the morning.

There are many other potential causes of headaches when you first wake up. If you have found yourself wondering “why do I wake up with a headache” then you should be asking yourself what issues have been constant since the headaches started.

You should be able to narrow down the possible causes and find out what the real trigger of the headaches is. Speaking with a doctor will also help you with figuring out what could be causing these headaches.

If you wake up with a headache first thing in the morning then there is an underlying cause which is waiting to be discovered. You should do some symptom checking online or speak with your doctor so you can find the cause of the headaches and work towards preventing them.

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