When exercise is the best? Morning Or Evening

What the hour campaigns work best?

From the information I have seen, there are two.

One is a sport best in the morning, people in the health sector to support this proposition. A recent study has shown that, for those with poor diet quality, for people with higher intake of energy, morning exercise can best to inhibit excessive increase of blood glucose and blood lipid, obesity risk prevention. 

This would be the traditional health-keeping consistency. Traditional view “Sunrise, sunset and income”. By humans thousands of years to adapt to the life, perhaps when the Sun start physical activity. 

Is a pity, many Office workers resting late at night, it is hard to get up at 6 o’clock in the morning exercise, after breakfast, set out on the journey to work in a hurry.

Second is this afternoon to say that sports the best. Sports community seems to be more agreeable to such an argument, because 4-6 around in the afternoon, stamina, endurance, toughness and flexibility of joints of the human body is better, not prone to injuries. Pity is that most people not at work this afternoon, is the traffic jam on the way from work, there’s no time for clothing for shoes to exercise.

But then again came back, we exercise is not to go to the game, do not have to seek the “best”. Can stick to it, on its own is the most convenient time of exercise is the best. Even exercise at night only to 70% well, is better than no exercise much. I 8-9 exercise in the evening, benefiting many estimated before retirement, can only adhere to the schedule of this exercise.

Eat, how long after exercise?

The issues and movements related to the type of. If you want to make, such as running, fast walking, playing strength sport, suitable for two hours after a meal. Burden of the stomach, motion does not affect digestion and absorption, and breathing will be smoother. If you are walking the very small movements, or the housework is to sweep the floor clean, then after dinner to start, not only does not affect the stomach functions, but beneficial to digestion and absorption.

Can exercise on an empty stomach?

Movement, such as yoga can take place before meals, eat instead of hampering movement effect. More vigorous exercise before meals can be made. Research proves that meals of high-intensity exercise can bring more decomposition, decomposition of fat in the muscle, this synthesis protein decomposition will stimulate the body back, more conducive to the formation of muscles, even in favour of more growth hormone secretion, thereby delaying aging.

However, if you are just beginning to exercise, poor physical fitness, or have a clear sense of hunger, it is best not to a high-strength campaign, so as to avoid excessive lowering of blood sugar, or stomach discomfort. People who have high blood pressure, diabetes and stomach paying particular attention.

How long it would take to eat after exercise?

After strenuous exercise, it is best to relax rest 1 hour to eat something, at least every 30 minutes. This is because the blood under the main supply of muscle, gastrointestinal function is weak, poor digestion and absorption capacity, a large number of meals easily lead to discomfort and even increase the risk of gastrointestinal disease. 

When I was in college there is deep experience, 5:30 P.M. to go running, ran the go mess and canteen meals and some cool results drop stomach, frequent stomach pain, stomach, on which several years before recovery.

Some friends asked, moving out to eat at once will get fat. Movements within an hour after eating protein-rich foods, and to stimulate muscle synthesis may be helpful. But most of the people do not need for weight control and exercise synthesis in muscle blocks, so you don’t have to eat right away, or take a break to eat good.

If the movement is very low, for example, just take a walk, do the Sett, taijiquan, do some housework, heartbeat, no increase in the number, you won’t have to time to eat too much care.

What better drink water after exercise?

After the movement might be a little thirsty, that you really want to drink the iced sweet drink, that is absolutely not. Drink cold drinks harm people know immediately after exercise, but high-sugar beverages itself is not suitable for drinking.

Research shows that after the movement must not eat fast food of high blood sugar, which would allow for fitness and muscle effects offset or even complete loss. If you want to drink sweetened beverages, preferably low-sugar, and must drink slowly, to avoid blood sugar rising fast. Acidity is too high for drinks such as coke (pH 2.5 than acetic acid), fruit juice, also is not appropriate, because the blood lactic acid were relatively high.

Tea, green bean soup is a good choice, if excessive sweating a bit weak, add a little salt can be a small amount of (vague is salty). And diluted milk can drink milk. By comparison, milk is better, because it provides amino acids, in addition to satisfy one’s hunger for water supply, but also conducive to the formation of muscle. Leucine in whey is especially good for muscle protein synthesis.

Milk and soy milk has an additional benefit is that they can provide very good full feeling so anxious emotions to quickly resolve to eat, is on the prevention of excessive eating after exercise.

Sport do you need to eat a lot of protein?

If it were not to take part in bodybuilding competitions, do not have to take seven or eight chicken protein a day and do not have to take protein powder to increase the supply of protein. Too much protein on kidney is actually a heavy burden, and even harmful. Normal supply of dietary protein is sufficient, but it is not recommended to eat only fruits and vegetables, or just have some white porridge.

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