What Is Maxillofacial Surgery? Facial Reconstruction And Sleep Apnea

What Is Maxillofacial Surgery? If you have ever had a wisdom tooth removed then you have already experienced this fascinating specialty in the science of surgery. Knoff, Fettig, & Naumann perform this service and many others for your health and good looks.

Also called Oral and Maxillofacial surgery, this is a genuine medical branch of allopathic medicine and requires a fully-trained degree in medicine with six years of additional residency training. This is real surgery, not dental work. An oral surgeon not only deals with dental problems. Any surgery dealing with the bones and soft tissues of the mouth, jaws, neck, face, and skull are included in this surgery domain.

Oral Surgery Saves Lives

An impacted tooth can easily become abcessed, further blooming into an infection. If ignored these infections can become systemic—meaning that the infection can spread into the organs of the body, leading to a life-threatening sitation.

The danger is the same for children, adult, and elderly people. It is just plain smart to not procrastinate if you have a toothache. Get a dentist to inspect the tooth immediately to prevent further infection. Damage to internal organs is a real threat, and death from dental abcesses are a reality.

One notable case is a young father in Cincinatti, who died from this cause in 2011. Abscesses can occur for several reasons, some beyond dental hygiene. It is important to respect this condition and have your dentist and oral surgeon take care of it right away.

Facial Reconstruction After Accidents – Maxillofacial Surgery

Maxillofacial surgeons all over the world are in demand to help accident victims recover from facial injuries caused by any number of head injuries. Fractured skulls, eye sockets, jaws, noses, and lost teeth can be carefully put into place when a patient is lucky enough to survive cranio-maxillofacial trauma.

A famous case is of the bodyguard for Princess Diana’s friend Dodi Fayed. Trevor Rees-Jones was severly hurt in the car crash that killed Diana, Dodi, and the driver. Celebrated Maxillofacial surgeon Luc Chikhani performed the surgery.

Approximately one hundred and fifty pieces of titanium mended Trevor’s face, which had been literally flattened. Rees-Jones recovered and has been able to live a productive life thanks to the surgery. It is safe to say that the science and art of facial reconstruction can be vital to accident survivors.

Craniofacial Surgery for a Normal Life

Sometimes it happens that a birth defect such as a cleft palate or lip prevent a child from experiencing a normal social experience. Of course, the condition also makes eating and swallowing very difficult. Babies all over the world are born with this condition. The causes of this can vary from a genetic allele. Doctors Without Borders performs surgery in third world countries to help little ones live a high quality life.

Sleep Apnea Helped Through Surgery

The soft tissues of the nasal passages and throat can sometimes inhibit good sleeping patterns by blocking the breathing mechanism. The victim loses sleep because the block airways awaken him or her throughout the night. Usually, a device or a change of behavior can alleviate this condition.

However, in some cases, a tonsillectomy or uvulopalatopharyngoplasty might be needed if there is pharyngeal obstruction. Other surgery to change the shape of the tongue or breathing tubes is also possible.

Many Branches of Oral Maxillofacial Surgery

Besides the procedures listed above, let us not forget the other types of work that fall under Maxillary surgery. Dental implants and dentures are common in this country. Cyst and tumor removal also is included in this category. Reformation of the bones of the face and other cosmetic surgeries are also included.

Hearing implants and cranial bone protheses and head plates are performed by Oral Maxillofacial Surgeons as well. No wonder these surgeons need such extensive training during their residencies; we need them for all the quality areas of life: survival, health, and attractiveness.

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