Top 10 Uses of Baking Soda to Remove Bad Smells

Offensive odor can be enough to spoil your mood when you come back home after a long day at work. Room fresheners and incense sticks can help to hide the odor but you need something to make it go for good. One of the cheap and easy remedies for this task is something as simple as baking soda, which has an antiseptic action for keeping your home hygienic and great smelling.

Here are the top 10 uses of baking soda to remove bad smells:

10. Stinky smell from vacuum cleaner

As you use your vacuum cleaner to clean the mess around the home, it is imperative that the cleaner is bound to smell bad. But a cup of baking powder sprinkled on the carpet and then cleaned with the vacuum cleaner can do a great favor to both, the carpet as well as the vacuum cleaner as it can drive away the odor.

9. Onion smell from hands

Onion is a staple vegetable used in making most of the dishes, but its smell from hands can be quite offensive. However, you can get rid of it by dipping the hands in a solution of baking soda and water and rinsing them after that.

8. Armpit smell

Another way in which baking soda drives away bad odor is by acting like a deodorant. You can mix half a cup of it with a few drops of an essential oil and dust it on armpits at periodic intervals to get rid of the offensive odor.

7. Smelly refrigerator

Regular cleaning of the refrigerator is must but you can easily make it smell good by placing a bowl full of baking soda in it.

6. Bad breath

A weak mixture of baking soda and water makes the best mouthwash in the world as it can relieve bad breath in moments. Just swish the mouthwash in your mouth and throw it out to get fresh breath instantly.

5. Smelly water coolers and bottles

Another bad smell which can be removed with the help of baking soda is that of water coolers and thermos bottles. A mixture of baking soda and water in the ratio of one tbsp in 3 cups, can be left in the bottle for 20 minutes and then rinsed. The mixture ratio can be increased proportionately for a water cooler.

4. Foul smelling shoes

Foul smelling shoes can be the biggest trouble for you and others, but an easy way out to make them smell fresh is to sprinkle a teaspoon of baking soda in each of them and miraculously, it’s all gone.

3. Cat Litter Box

Cats can be tough pets as far as cleaning their litter box is concerned. But this is where a quarter cup of baking soda can come to your rescue. Have it sprinkled on the floor of the cat’s area and rest assured that all the smell is gone and the animal will not be harmed by it. If the smell does not go after an hour, a repeat treatment will definitely give results.

2. Smelly Drains

Next among the bad smells removed with the help of baking soda is that of stinking drains. It can be done by putting a few tablespoons of soda in the drain, leaving it for an hour and running some hot water in it after that. It should be done regularly, a few times in a week for best results.

1. Stinky Toilet

Instead of spending money on buying toilet cleaners, you can get much better results by making use of baking soda. All you need to do is flush the toilet. Put in a cup full of baking soda, cover the lid and leave it for an hour. Later, flush the toilet and get a clean and fresh smelling one.

This is how you can keep yourself and your home fresh smelling without spending a lot of money for the same.

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