The Fabulous Forties Sleep – Sleep Deprived And Problems

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The Fabulous Forties Sleep. Sleeplessness at any age can be a real problem. Surely all of us have experienced nights without any kind of sleep.

Problem till Sleep of Fabulous Forties

As a youngster, I had so many things running through my mind night and days that when everyone else went to bed, I lay on my back listening to my little radio. Eventually, that enabled me to drift off.

Later, after marriage — you’ve been through this, I’m sure — my husband and I would have a fight. Sure, the next day we’d laugh at ourselves. As the fight moved into its ninth and tenth innings our insults became so ridiculously childless that we’d have to sneak off and calm down in another room.

Then once we were in bed, we lay there. Me on the edge of my side and him on the edge of his side. We kept our backs together and in the dark we lay there. Neither of us could sleep, and we knew the other was awake still, but we each were just too stubborn to roll over and be the first to apologize.

Eventually, however, of course, one or the other would manage in some way to get the conversation going. And we’ve all heard about the joy of making up!

Later, out in the job market, I had those days…and nights. I fell into a job where I started each day at ten in the morning. But one day a week I had to be there at six. That meant that I had to get up and get ready and drive twelve miles to work by six in the morning. Once there, it wasn’t so bad. Bad was the evening before, just knowing I had to get up at four-thirty in the morning instead of my usual seven, wow! Of course, just knowing that I couldn’t get to sleep. I stayed awake even later than normal just because I was so worried about getting up on time to get to work.

Well, I survived that and raising kids and before I knew it, I was blindsided by the big one: Forty years old! To me, that meant I was over the hill. I studied myself in the mirror. Not too bad, but still, a tiny wrinkle here, the hint of an age spot there.

Sleep Deprived

The Fabulous Forties Sleep. But along with those concerns about age and appearances came another ugly problem. I found that many a night I was unable to get to sleep until well past midnight. A little ache here, a twitch there. I couldn’t get my pillow adjusted just right. Oh, the list goes on.

I wish I could offer a miracle cure but all I can do is tell you the few things that have helped me enormously in recent years.

Did I mention that when I’m actually sleeping, my husband complains that sometimes I snore so ferociously that it weakens him and then he can’t sleep either! Well, after some research I learned there are many “cures” for this disorder. I couldn’t possibly try them all, but I saw an ad for a sort of chin strap. Rather than rush out and load up on chin straps, I took some long stretchy fabric and fashioned my own chin strap using safety pins to create a chin patch that goes over my head and fits around my chin holding my mouth in a nearly closed position. My severest critic says it works, so I may order one from one of the many selections available.

Another big help is to stop watching the late night news. It’s always not only bad but much of it gets my blood boiling. Not a good recipe for quiet sleep.

I’ve always loved my coffee and wine at dinner, but although the wine can make me drowsy, its effect doesn’t seem to last. Now I lie in bed and sip a cup of hot chocolate just before bedtime.

All these little things help, but in the end, I’ve found that the best sleep-aid of all is a loving mate who can be warm and affectionate, one who never lets you forget how beautiful he thinks you are.

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