Supplements For 40 Year Old And Over…Sleep Deprived?

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It’s known that as we age, we have more going on in our lives we don’t tend to cover our sleep either. 40-year-old and over women tend to have sleep trouble. Yet, vitamins tend to work but supplements for staying asleep help.

If you have sleep or trouble getting to or staying asleep, some possible solutions include supplements: a few are Passionflower, Valerian Root or Gaba.

There are professional health experts that have inspired many women to take supplements such as those mentioned for sleep deprivation.

What is Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA)

Scientist still believes that it’s effective because it increases levels of the body’s chemical gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA). The brain has this acid which does lower activity in the “some brain cells” which makes people feel calm and relaxed.

Need of Supplement

Why we need the supplement in order to get Good Sleep because if you are Sleep Deprived if will not be able to get you daily task done on the other hand if you are satisfied with your sleep and fulfill you sleep requirement then you will be able get the task done in a better way the Sleep Deprived people! Some of the supplement with benefits are enlisted below.

Passionflower: Supplements

Passionflower, for instance, or Passiflora incarnate, has been known in the Western World as a calming herbal for insomnia and it is still used today in the herbal community to treat insomnia. It’s also now used in Europe. Other reasons to used it is for anxiety, seizures and traditionally, hysteria.

This will work right at bedtime; because of these effects of the flower, it tends to be a bit milder than another herb. That particular herb is Valerian, or Valeriana officinalis or kava (Piper methysticin). It normally is combined with the Passionflower.

When combined with the valerian, its suggested using lemon balm. Other calm herbs are used to but these are the two common ones that are combined. Also, there are only a small scientific studies which have tested passionflower on those with insomnia and anxiety.

However, there are studies that have shown that it’s just as effective as the prescription drug, Oxazepam (Serax). If that’s the case, then trying this herb with the other could be a good healthy solution. Although it doesn’t work as quick, it does take several days to “kick in” compared to the 4 days of that of oxazepam.

There’s also a less impaired feeling for using it on the job.

Valerian Root: Supplements

The Valerian Root is said to treat insomnia more than anxiety. Studies have recommended that a dose of 400 milligrams and 900 milligrams of the root a couple of hours before going to bed will help. Naturally you want to ask your family doctor about it since there isn’t a standard dose.


Gaba is the neurotransmitter which “blocks impulses between nerve cells” within the brain. This another herbal that helps women over 40 sleep much better is Gaba. Researchers suggest that it can have a boosting effect or a calming effect.

Other reasons to use GABA are the following.

  • Injuries which may cause pain and discomfort
  • Exercise becomes tolerated
  • It can lower one’s blood pressure
  • A fat burner
  • Lean muscle mass increases
  • The Overall Results is that help to Sleep Better.

Reason to use Supplements:

So, if you’re over 40 and you are beginning to feel that age weighing in on you. Then trying these supplements will help. They definitely wouldn’t hurt. With the natural inhibitors they have, it’s a win-win situation since they are supplements that have been documented to be relaxing and calm. But, make sure you speak to your family doctor, again, and also, if you decide to try them, take it a couple of hours before bed.

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