Stubborn Abdominal Fat – How to Get the Body You’ve Always Craved

Understand the Physiology and How to Melt Away Stubborn Abdominal Fat

Stubborn abdominal fat is probably one of the 21st centuries leading concerns troubling the human population. How many times have you set yourself a New Years resolution to get yourself into better shape only to bail out after three or four weeks of seeing little to no results?

If youre anything like myself the answer to that question is probably every year for the last ten years! Stubborn belly fat is quite possibly the hardest fat to shed on your body because of the physiological make up of our genetics and how our body goes about storing and burning all stubborn fat not just fat located on the abdomen.

Our bodies were designed to store abdominal fat in times of abundence to help fight against the possibility of famine. Thus our cave dwelling ancestors would eat a big meal of lion or bear or whatever they happened to catch, gorge themselves and their body would automatically store this food as pockets of fat all over the body.

Now this abdominal fat wasnt so stubborn for our ancient ancestors because unlike today they didnt know when their next meal was coming! As such this stubborn abdominal fat was quite necessary to keep them going and fuel them with energy until they located there next feed.

As such these pockets of fat tended to fall off quite easily. Now if you combine this with our ancestors high protein and low carbohydrate diet it is very easy to understand why they had no trouble maintaining slim taut figures. Albeit if they had to go hungry for days on end.

However in todays day and age we have an absolute abundence of food and as is the case for most of us fortunate westerners there is little to no chance of us ending in famine.

As such our bodies penchant for storing stubborn abdominal fat actually works against us – our bodies will store fat even though there is no scarcity of food! This is when overindulgences cause our body to create those pockets of stubborn belly, arm and leg fat.

Its simply our coping mechanism. This is a dangerous premise however because if you try and eat less and less to store less fat your body will actually interpret this as a famine signal – this will in turn lead to your body storing more fat for the impending famine.

This is where so many people fail in their attempt to lose stubborn abdominal fat, they take a crash diet and starve themselves which triggers the bodies response to store fat and once they swing back to their pre diet eating habits for whatever reason their metabolisms have slowed down and they accumulate more and more stubborn belly fat.

So How Do You Go About Losing Stubborn Abdominal Fat?

The first thing to do in your quest to lose and maintain stubborn abdominal fat is to win the war of willpower. This point is twofold first you must truly believe that you can and will lost your stubborn belly fat. Ive known way to many people who walk around their whole life complaining about that stubborn abdominal fat that just wont fall off.

Let me tell you one thing – walking around complaining is not going to get the job done. You must have a positive mindset and you must be committed to the cause.

This leads into the second point, you must be consistent in your efforts to lose stubborn abdominal fat. You will hit plateus you will come across times when you are not losing as much as you would like.

However it is incredibly important in each of these situations that you remain strong, committed and dedicated to your goals and ensure that you dont give up. Keep on biking, keep on riding, keep on lifting weights and eating right because soon enough you will break through this barrier and the rewards for doing so will be an absolute annihilation of your stubborn body fat. Which is exactly what youre out to do right.

Genetics and Their Role in the Formation of Stubborn Belly Fat

Following on from the above paragraph its important for you to understand the genetics of belly fat formation and how genetics work in the losing of stubborn abdominal fat.

Fat storage locations are genetic, everybody is different so the place you first store fat is just where you are genetically predisposed to do so and this will be different in your brother, sister, best friend and colleagues.

It can be incredibly frustrating for so many people to have lean arms and legs yet still have stubborn belly fat, however you have to realise that this is your genetics and there is nothing except hard work that will change this for you.

Generally most men will store fat first in the abdominals, obliques and lower back, whereas women will tend to gravitate towards the hips, thighs and back of the arms.

However if you let yourself go and start storing more and more fat it will continue to accumulate in these areas as well as spreading to the rest of your body. The big problem here is this while stubborn fat tends to get stored on your abdominals first and other places such as face and arms last, the reverse happens when you are losing it.

That is you will first lose the wieght off your face and arms and all other areas before your tummy. You must realise that you cant choose where you will put on the weight and you cant choose where that weight will come off as you lose it.

So How Do I Lose Stubborn Abdominal Fat Then?

In order to really hit hard at your stubborn abdominal fat you generally need to do three simultaneous things. Firstly you must change your mindset and truly believe that you can and will lose that stubborn belly fat, this also goes hand in hand with developing the mental strength to say no to poor food and lifestyle choices that may also be effecting you.

Secondly you need to reconsider your dietary habits, greasy fatty high carb high sugar foods that are the staple of so many peoples diets today are the main culprits.

While it is true the body requires carbohydrates as fuel, most people are not getting anywhere near enough exercise to counter the amount of carbs and sugars they are consuming in their diets – the result is an accumulation of much more than just stubborn belly fat you are also placing yourself at a high risk of diabetes and heart conditions.

Thirdly you need to start exercising, exercising helps increase your bodies natural metabolic rate which means you burn more energy throughout the day which leads to increased weight loss.

You should be looking to do at least four 30 minute sessions of cardiovascular work per week. Run, ride, swim, play sport do whatever you need to do to get your heart rate up and your kick your body in to gear. This is what will lead you to lose your stubborn abdominal fat.

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