Pinworm Medication – Treatment, Supplements And Herbs

You are surprised to find pinworms on your body? Do not be surprised. To get infected with pinworms is quite simple. It is enough to not wash your hands in time. Well, if you have a small child, the problems related with tapeworms and pinworms in particular cannot be avoided. Can I recover from pinworms? Is there any pinworm medication or maybe traditional medicine can help to solve this problem?

Treatment of pinworms, pinworm medication – a family matter. This is the key to successful combat pinworms. Pinworm eggs are very small, transfer their possible and under the nails, and with the dust. Therefore, if one family member is sick pinworms, you should check and everyone else. Treatment should also be held simultaneously all.

During supplementation with pinworms will go along with the feces. Therefore, after each toilet must wash the toilet with use of special preparations. In addition, the underwear should be changed daily, and after washing, ironing pants iron. As for the washing of hands cannot recall. This is a prerequisite for getting rid of pinworms. Vacuum often flat. Pinworm eggs may be some time in the dust, and from there to get into your body and infect you again.

Below are the ways of dealing with these parasites are known to date. In the arsenal of modern doctors have many drugs to help get rid of pinworms. Simply put, almost any anthelminthic drug effectively expelled from the body of pinworms. The bulk of these drugs paralyze pinworms, they cannot cling to the intestinal wall and are displayed together with the stool.

A large number of kills pinworms, but does not appear, but remains in the body. It is therefore very important to sometime after the application of anthelminthic drink a laxative. This will help remove dead pinworms in the intestine. As a laxative are prohibited from using castor oil. But magnesia or herbal laxatives should be fine.

Before you start taking drugs should spend a few preparations. One day prior to the adoption of anthelminthic should go to the semi-liquid foods such as soups, dairy products, biscuits, boiled cereal. At dinner, do not eat a heavy meal. In the morning you take anthelminthic, that evening, a laxative, and after a night doing an enema to flush the intestine.

Along with medication for a speedy recovery of the body and, in particular for the rapid normalization of the gastrointestinal tract is often recommended to resort to the use of special dietary supplements.

Plants – healers. In addition to drugs can be used, and herbs.

  • Take one tablespoon of flowers of tansy, pour 250 ml boiling water. Soak 60 minutes. Drink one tablespoon three times daily on an empty stomach. The course of treatment for five days. Tansy cannot be used during pregnancy; it can cause premature birth or miscarriage.

  • Effective against pinworms is the flowers of Artemisia. Flowers dried tarragon in late summer. Then the fray, before the use is mixed with honey or syrup, as the powder is very bitter. Amount of powder depends on the patient’s age. Adult dose for once-five grams. For children aged one year old to three years – 0.25 to 0.75 grams, from 4 to 6 years should be taken from a gram to one and a half, from 7 to 9 years 1, 75 to 2.25 grams, from 10 to 14 years and two and a half – three and a half grams. Drink powder should be as follows: on the first day of the menu are in line with the recommendations outlined above and in the evening take a laxative. Then two days taking the powder for 60 minutes before eating three times a day. Every day before going to sleep you should take a laxative. Can be used for the treatment of pinworms and other sorts of Artemisia, although they give a smaller effect. In addition, against the pinworms well help thyme and thyme, and pumpkin seeds.

It must be remembered that the study of feces does not work for the diagnosis of “enterobiasis” as pinworms lay their eggs outside the exit of the rectum. An accurate diagnosis can only be set in the study of scrapings from the skin near the anus. Females lay eggs usually die.

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