Ovarian Cancer – Symptoms, Early Signs, Types And More

Cancer is the killer disease and there are so many types of cancer that one can suffer from. The most common is the lung cancer and the 2nd most common cancer is ovarian cancer which is related to the female reproductive system.

Ovarian cancer can only happen to women because ovaries are the main part of the female reproductive system and it has no connection with the males.

Ovarian cancer symptoms

Various studies done by the researchers in the medical science have revealed that approximately among seventy American women, 1 woman is likely to suffer from the ovarian cancer at some point of her life.

After the age of forty or menopause women are having the high risk of developing the cancer in their ovaries. So, women who have completed their forty years and are going through the period of premenopausal must seek a regular medical checkup so that they can know about the medical condition if they suffer from it on time. Women of older age must take great care of their health especially after menopause.

What causes ovarian cancer in women?

Although the cause of developing ovarian cancer are still not known exactly. But some of the risk factors that can lead to the ovarian cancer in women are following:

  • Not experiencing the pregnancy and giving birth to a baby
  • exposure to asbestos powder or high radiation
  • intake of fat rich diet
  • Using the talcum powder in the genital area;
  • If the women has personal history of breast cancer or some other type of cancer like colon or nonpolyposis colon cancers
  • If anyone in the family suffered from breast or ovarian cancer;
  • If women has early onset of menstruation
  • late cessation of menstruation;
  • hpv infection
  • obesity;
  • Intake of diet containing saturated fat. Eating a diet with low in fiber and rich in saturated animal fat and low in fiber.
  • Intake of such birth control pills which are not known to reduce the risk of ovarian cancer.


Ovarian cancer symptoms 1

These are some of the causes of ovarian cancer that can increase the risk of developing ovarian cancer. If anyone of you suffers from any of the above condition then you must get a through medical checkup and take some preventive measures to avoid developing of cancer in ovaries.

Ovarian cancer symptoms and signs Till now after long researches it is difficult to identify the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer in women. Women who suffer from the ovarian cancer cannot identify the symptoms and signs as they are similar to some other disease symptoms.

So, they consider those symptoms something else in the early stages. Approximately 7000 women every year in the United Kingdom are diagnosed with the cancer in their ovaries. If the ovarian cancer is diagnosed at early stages then it can be treated more effectively.

Ovarian cancer signs and symptoms are visible at later stages. That is why treating this cancer is difficult. The people who have crossed the age of thirty plus than the risk of developing ovarian cancer are quiet very high. Post menopausal women are also having the increased risk of this type of cancer.

Most of the women think that a cervical smear test can help them in detecting the ovarian cancer. But this is completely wrong as the smear test will only determine the cells are abnormal.

The abnormal cells in the smear test indicated the symptoms of cervical cancer. Women should learn about ovarian cancer signs so that they cannot make a mistake in identifying the symptoms and confuse it with other disease symptoms.

Women must look for the symptom of ovarian cancer which is:

  • Sudden urge to eat nothing for longer
  • Frequent urination

Ovarian cancer symptoms 2

There are two signs of cancer but they are very common and can be associated with some other forms of cancer like cervical cancer. So when you are experiencing these symptoms then you can have cancer but that does not mean that you have the ovarian cancer for sure.

Women must look for the other symptoms which are unique in this type of cancer and can ensure the about the medical condition that they suffer from. Other deciding factors of ovarian cancer are: constant fatigue, consistent pain the neck and back area, sudden weight loss, bloated feeling etc.

Well, these symptoms can be mistaken for something else that is why you should consult with your doctor as soon as you notice any of the above symptoms. As a woman you must be aware of the possible signs and symptoms of the cancer in ovary so that you can detect it on right time and you get a good ovarian cancer treatment.

If you suffer from the weight loss or you feel fatigue then you should seek the advice of your doctor. You can have the bloated feeling when you suffer from the ovarian cancer. You don’t feel like to eat anything even when you haven’t eaten anything from long time.

You can have the problems like diarrhea and constipation. You must notice all these changes in your body and you can suspect of having this form of cancer. You must note down all these symptoms which you experience.

Other than they get yourself fully diagnosed by your doctor which will detect whether you suffer from cancer or not. These signs and symptoms will help your doctor in diagnosing the ovarian cancer.

As I told you earlier that these sign and symptoms can be mistaken or confused with some other medical conditions. Women usually feel the abdominal pains before the commencement of their periods. Women can have the gassy feeling usually when few days are left for period.

Ovarian cancer symptoms in women are very common and most of the people suffer from them every day. This is the why women often met with ovarian cancer and they realize it very lately when the cancer reaches at the advanced stages. The cancer spreads rapidly due to this accidental delay in recognizing the symptoms.

The treatment at the advanced stages of cancer is much more intense. The rate of success gets reduced significantly when this form of cancer is diagnosed at the advanced stages. If the cancer is detected at earlier stage then it can treated easily and success rate is quiet high.

Ovarian cancer can be hereditary. If you have family history of suffering from ovarian cancer or breast cancer in your family member in the past then you can likely to suffer from it. If you notice any ovarian cancer symptoms and signs then you should let your doctor know about it.

You must be aware of these symptoms otherwise you will not be able to identify the signs at early stage and later you will regret. Some of the signs of ovarian cancer are similar to those of a menstrual cycle. So, women often get confused it differentiating between the symptoms of menstruation cycle and the ovarian cancer.

May be you feel that it is unnecessary to for a trip to the doctor but if you think like that then this can be detrimental to your health. Therefore you must explore more knowledge so that you get aware of the signs and symptoms for ovarian cancer.

One can save her life if she know about the how to detect early detection of ovarian cancer. If you are well aware with these symptoms then you can identify them very soon and get it treated. Do you suffer from any of these problems then please check it out by a through medical checkup from a gynecologist.

There are some other obvious symptoms that can develop at the advanced stages of cancer and they are:

1 Sudden Weight loss
2 Unexplained and sudden vaginal bleeding
3 Irregular or abnormal menstrual cycles
4 Abdominal discomfort which is unidentified
5 Mild gastrointestinal problems
6 Swelling in abdomen
7 Pelvic fullness
8 Frequent urination

It is a gynecologic cancer which women suffer and it originates in the cells of the ovaries. The most important thing is that it can lead to more deaths if a woman suffers from this type of female cancer. Another very important thing which you need to notice is that this is the cancer which goes undetected in its early stages.

This is diagnosed when the cancer cells spread over the other area like abdomen and pelvis. Women must learn that the ovarian cancer is the scariest medical condition that they can suffer. They must learn about the preventive measure so that they can reduce the risk of developing this disease.

It has been found by various studies that the women giving birth to a child at early ages then they reduce the risk of this killer disease. Your doctor will be able to tell you if you are intended to develop the risk of ovarian cancer or not. So, you must seek help of your doctor when you notice any signs or symptoms of ovarian

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