Natural Antibiotics

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One of the biggest problems with pharmaceutic antibiotics is that they destroy the body’s natural bacteria that has evolved with us for millions of years and works with our body to keep it healthy. These natural bacterium (probiotics) help fight off harmful bacteria.

So when chemical antibiotics are introduced they essentially wipe the slate clean which allows harmful bacteria to be present once the medication is stopped. These types of chemical antibiotics also have been notorious for developing “super viruses”. They kill all bacteria except for a small portion and that small portion not only develops an immunity and become resistant… it also comes back 2-3 times stronger.

Clearly they are temporary “treatments” and not at all a solution. The real solution that western medicine needs to adopt are the natural antibiotics that have been around for thousands of years and are still used by many cultures to this day. The reason they have been used for so long is that they have a proven track record and are designed to work with our bodies.

What makes natural antibiotics so much more effective is that they have the capability to destroy the harmful bacteria and viruses without damaging the natural stability of the body and it’s natural bacteria. Bacteria and viruses also cannot develop immunity to natural antibiotics. They are more selective rather than indiscriminate and have the ability to recognize probiotic bacteria essential to our health.

Before using alpha lipoic acid, it is always wise to seek professional advice if taking other drugs/supplements (natural of not). Alpha lipoic acid can have a very supportive role in defending the body against viruses and bacteria. Since it has protective antioxidant effects on the body’s cells, it can support the immune system and allow it to focus on the infections while making the immune system stronger.

One of the reasons our immune systems become weak is due to the oxidation stress that occurs from free radical damage. Free radicals not only damage our cells but our immune system as well. By supplying our body with alpha lipoic acid it can allow our immune system to be more effective where it is needed.

Keep in mind that if using pharmaceutic drugs such as antibiotics or other drugs, alpha lipoic acid may have interactions with them as some studies have shown for there to be certain interactions with certain drugs. (Just another example as to how chemical drugs are not designed to work with anything natural.)

The environmental impact that chemical antibiotics have is also an issue. When they are produced, the waste that they produce when they are expelled by us or thrown away in the trash has a serious impact on the earth. These chemicals go on to affect wildlife, plants and eventually end up in the water supply. We are essentially introducing chemicals into the natural cycle of the earth and it has no way to deal with that. Another reason these types of drugs do not work.

Natural alternatives are expected to become more prevalent in order to solve the problems created by the former.

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