Most Common Symptoms Of Stomach Cancer In Women

There are a lot of symptoms of stomach cancer in women and knowing them is a big must.  As this is a very serious condition, being aware of the important aspects about it should be the primary concern of women these days.

Formation of Stomach Cancer

The stomach is the main part of the digestive system located under the abdomen and under the ribs. Stomach cancer commonly starts in the inner layer stomach’s cells. As time passes by, the cancer can deeply occupy the wall of the stomach.

A tumor might grow outside the stomach near some organs like the pancreas, liver, intestine and lungs. Stomach cancer can spread easily once a tumor is formed through a break free from the unique tumor to the blood vessels that branch to all body tissues.  

Metastasis is the cancer’s spreading. When you find out that you are suffering from stomach cancer, you will immediately think of reasons why you caught the disease, yet in reality, no person knows the main cause of stomach cancer. But doctors know for a fact the risk factors associated to stomach cancer; specifically the symptoms of stomach cancer in women.

Risk Factors in Developing Stomach Cancer

  • Being infected by Helicobacter Pylori can be one. It is a bacterium which infects the mucosa or the stomach’s inner lining. Infection by this kind of bacteria may cause peptic ulcers and stomach inflammation eventually adds the danger of stomach cancer. However, only a few people who are infected develop a stomach cancer.
  • Smoking can also trigger stomach cancer.
  • Having a family history with cancers can also mean a much higher probability of getting cancer.
  • Long term stomach inflammation.
  • Also, individuals who underwent surgery also have a high risk of getting stomach cancer several years after the surgery.
  • Absence of physical activity and poor diet. Doctors found out that people eating salty, smoked or pickled food often are prone to stomach cancer.

Symptoms of Stomach Cancer

  • Vomiting blood or having blood in the stool can also be a symptom that you might have a stomach cancer.
  • Difficulty in swallowing.
  • Feeling bloated or of fullness after small meals.

Seeing a Specialist

If you’re getting these symptoms of stomach cancer in women, your doctor will confirm whether these are because of cancer or other causes. The doctor may suggest you to see a gastroenterologist, the doctor who has specialty in diagnosing and curing digestive or gastrointestinal troubles.

The doctor will feel your stomach for swelling, fluid, or other significant changes that can be a warning signal. The doctor might also check on lymph nodes that are swollen. Your doctor will also use a thin and lighted tube or endoscope to check your stomach and determine what is causing the alarming symptoms and rule out any other diseases and be able to point out the culprit for such discomfort.

Possible Treatments for Stomach Cancer

The treatment for stomach cancer depends mainly on the size and location of the tumor, the stage of your disease, and your general health. All of these things will be considered. Treatment for this illness may include chemotherapy, surgery or radiation therapy. You can also get a team of specialists that will help you plan your treatment.

Your doctor may refer you to a specialist who specializes on stomach cancer who might be able to evaluate the symptoms. Specialists on this area include medical oncologists, gastroenterologists and surgeons; also your team might refer a licensed dietitian. They will surely be able help you out in identifying the symptoms of stomach cancer in women.

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