Lemon Water: The Perfect Morning Drink

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If you want to stat healthy, it’s important to have a good night’s sleep – preferably at least seven hours. But sleeping for hours has effects that you need to counteract as soon as you wake up. For example, sleeping for eight hours means you won’t drink anything for eight hours, meaning that you will need to replenish your water supplies first thing in the morning. Or, in laymen’s terms, drink. But it’s not the same what you drink.

As many of you, I have made the mistake of starting my day with a good cuppa’ coffee, hoping for the infusion of caffeine and sugar to jump-start my body in the morning (or at least cover for the hours of sleep I skipped). It turns out it was a mistake. Coffee is not the perfect drink to have right after waking up. But what is?


Specifically lemon water. A magical potion recommended by nutritionists and fitness gurus alike, which is easy to make and on top of all it also tastes great.

The benefits of lemon water are numerous:

  • it helps the body cleanse out the toxins accumulated overnight and in the long run by stimulating the liver
  • lemons have a considerable pectin content, which helps regulate hunger levels
  • its potassium content keeps the heart healthy, and improves brain and nerve function
  • lemon juice provides energy and helps reduce anxiety and depression

How to make lemon water?

The short answer: pour water, add lemon juice, drink. But, as usual, it’s not that simple.

According to a series of specialists, it is recommended for a person to drink 16 oz (about 450ml) of water every morning, right after waking up. This seems a lot, but consider the long time you spent sleeping (and not drinking). How much lemon juice should you add is another good question. I’d say “to taste”, but specialists disagree. According to women’s health and lifestyle writes Krissy Brady .The ideal amount is the juice of half a lemon for those with a body weight under 150 pounds (68kg), and the juice of a whole lemon for those over this body weight (depending on the size of the lemon, I guess).

How to make lemon water taste better?

If you are one of those few who hate lemon (but still want to benefit of its miraculous properties) you can always explore variants of the drink.

  • This recipe adds some turmeric and honey to the mix, turning it into an energizing, warm morning beverage similar to tea (basically it’s a turmeric tea with lemon and honey).
  • To enhance the flavor, you can mix lemon juice with lime juice – it will make a difference.
  • Add mint leaves or fruits of your choosing to improve the taste of your mixture. Crush the mint leaves for maximum taste.
  • Add some sparkling water to the mix, because, you know, bubbles!
  • Add some grated ginger to the mixture for a quite different twist on the beverage

Be sure to remove any stickers and wash the lemon thoroughly before use. Preferably use ripe, organic lemons – but those you can find at the supermarket will also do fine. Remember – you don’t have to give up on your morning cup of coffee or tea – but it’s truly beneficial to start your day with a refreshing cup of lemon water before them.

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