How To Reduce Triglycerides? Seven Useful Steps

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Extra calories that enter your body with food are deposited in fat cells in the form of triglycerides. It does not matter from what kind of food the energy comes, it may be proteins, fats or carbohydrates. Triglycerides can be produced from any source.

The liver answers for processing of products. Experts assure that triglycerides in blood can increase during the use of certain medications. This can be fixed in case of the use of beta-blockers, diuretics, oral contraceptives, as well as preparations with estrogen and steroids.

A decreased level of triglycerides often tells about one of the diseases. It can be a chronic lung disease, renal tissue damage, cerebral infarction and hyperthyroidism. Level of triglycerides can be decreased by poor nutrition or while taking vitamin C, as well as during burns and injuries.

How to Reduce Triglycerides? Seven Useful Steps

  • Act gradually

How to reduce triglycerides gradually? The answer is to reduce fat intake to 30% of calories (the modern American standard is about 40%) within one month. Then you should visit the doctor to see if you have dropped the level of triglycerides. If so, stay on this diet. If not, the next month you have to reduce fat intake on 25%.

If you have not improved at this level, you have to reduce fat intake to 20% and stick to it for 25 months. This level of fat actually guarantees that you will get a good share of calories from the carbohydrate complex, and it should give good results.

  • Do the carbohydrate complex

Those population groups whose diet contains a lot of complex carbohydrates do not have problems with triglycerides. «You should replace fats with complex carbohydrates, » – advises Sonia Connor.

  • Eliminate sweets

«Simple carbohydrates (candies, sugar and other sweets) are the main culprits of high triglycerides» – says Dr. Di Bianco. He recommends to forget about sweets.

  • Lose weight

It is important to lose weight, – says Dr. Di Bianco. – How much do you need to lose depends on what your ideal weight should be. But in order to change the triglyceride levels, you do not need to get rid of all excess weight. People whose weight is 20-30% higher than the ideal have to lose only 5 kg to reduce the triglyceride levels. You should try to keep your weight at a level no more than 5 – 10% above the ideal, – says Dr. Di Bianco.

  • Burn triglycerides

How to reduce triglycerides with exercise? The level of triglycerides decreases from the exercise,- says Dr. Larosa,- although it is difficult to say whether this is the result of weight loss or improvement of metabolism». The studies show that intense exercises for an hour three times a week can reduce triglycerides, even if the body weight does not change. And no matter how those results are achieved, the exercise causes decrease in triglycerides and they are highly recommended by experts. However, you should consult your physician before beginning any exercise program.

  • Avoid alcohol

I think that alcohol is the most aggravating factor in increasing the level of triglycerides, – says Dr. Di Bianco. It is important to avoid even small doses of alcohol.

  • Fish treatment

How to reduce triglycerides with the help of fish? It is proved that fish oil has a significant effect on triglycerides,- says Dr. Carl Hawk from the University of New Jersey. Several studies have demonstrated the property of omega-3 fatty acids contained in fish. They reduce the level of triglycerides. Though most studies have used fish oil capsules to ensure the accuracy of reception. You can get the same amount, eating fish regularly or combining fish diet with periodic reception of capsules. You should include a sufficient number of fish in the diet to reduce triglycerides, – says Dr. Di Bianco. In fact, fish oil is the most useful for those patients who regularly feel the lack of fish in the diet.

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