Healthy Diet – High Protein Diet Program

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Healthy Diet – High Protein Diet Program .Having a slim, healthy and fit is every women’s dream, but unfortunately not all can have the ideal body. Even many women who tend to do the diet without thinking about their health. Indeed there are no restrictions but you must not forget the iron because the substance is essential to body metabolism, especially women.

High Protein Diet program

Iron in the blood that carries oxygen from the lungs throughout the body and are needed for women, especially during menses and pregnancy. A woman ages 19 to 54 years requires iron intake of about 12 to 16 milligrams of iron while pregnant women are required to consume 10 to 20 milligrams of iron. For women aged above 54 years should consume 5 to 7 milligrams of iron each day. Once the importance of iron, you should never ignore these nutrients in your diet.

In order to keep running your diet without having to leave elements of the nutrients in it, it helps you see the following trick to consider the instructions diet rich in iron in your diet.

Eat Potatoes Plus skin – Perhaps without your realizing it, which during the potato skins you ignore it contains a lot of iron than meat potatoes. Because of the high levels of iron are you try to always include potatoes with the skin in your food preparations.

Avoid tea – Besides mineral water, tea is often an option when you eat. If you do this often, try to begin to reduce the habit of drinking tea during and after a meal is not recommended because the content contained tannic acid in tea that can inhibit the absorption of iron in the foods you consume.

Select Bread Wheat – Wheat bread, or better known as whole wheat bread has always been a mainstay dieters. Because high-fiber wheat bread, anti-oxidants, phytoestrogens (which is good for preventing heart disease and cancer), vitamins, minerals and iron. In addition, whole wheat bread also has a more distinctive flavor than white bread (regular bread).

Do not Stay away from meat – Even though you’re dieting does not mean you avoid meat because you have to keep eating meat because it contains iron. Such as beef, chicken and fish. So also in the offal such as liver, heart, and kidneys in store of iron your body needs, provided you know the portions (do not overdo it).

Nuts – Consume legumes such as peas, soybeans and beans contain enough iron, but high in protein. In 100 grams of nuts contains between 8-17% protein, iron (1-5 mg) and calcium (14-102 mg).

Spinach – Expand eat spinach because it contains iron in very high numbers. So start eating fibrous foods in your diet menu.

Avoid snacks – It may be difficult if you have to stop this habit because it’s a fad you now have jobs that pile up. If you can not help myself, maybe you can replace your snacks to eat tofu. Because in every 100 grams know, contains 2.5 milligrams of iron.

Fruit – Eating fruits that contain vitamin C is very good but if you also have to consume fruits that contain iron. Such as prunes contain lots of iron and vitamin C than apples and papayas. In a glass of prune juice contained 3 milligrams of iron.

Oysters – If during the oyster known as food driving force of sexual passion, it helps you start to enter the oyster in your weekly menu because oysters contain 4.7 milligrams of iron per gram.


Picky products – Whatever food you consume should read his ingredients carefully. You do not easily tempted by the form of packaging, the price is cheap and branded. Better you compare each brand and select the highest iron content.

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