Gum Disease – Treatment, Causes, Prevantion And Types

Most of the periodontal disease or gum disease can start with the growth of bacteria and can if you do not treat such problems on time, then it can even lead to loss of tooth because of the damage to the tissues, which surround the teeth. Most of the problems relate to teeth and gums are because of plaque.

However, there are many other causes of gum diseases. It is recommended to go to a dentist for regular check up in every six months. It is better to identify the problem in the early stages, so that the gum disease treatment can be done easily. It is suggested all the time that the treatment ought to be done in a cost effective way.

There are some non-surgical treatments like root planing and scaling that are very helpful in treating gum problems. However, the patients should need routine maintenance for maintaining the health of their gums.

If the unhealthy tissues are not treated with the help of non-surgical gum disease treatment, then doctors use periodontal surgery. Some of the common surgical treatments that are used for treating gum diseases include regenerative procedures, crown lengthening, grafting of soft tissues etc.

Nowadays, even laser is used with gum disease treatment, and according to the studies conducted if root planning and scaling is used together with laser treatment, then such treatments become more effective. However, this should be done with care as incorrect wavelength can hamper the tissues.

The mouth remains very busy with constant move of bacteria. Some of the bacteria do not harm, but some are very harmful. Some of the problems can be easily identified but some problems cannot be observed. In such cases, you will have to go a periodontist, who specializes to treat gum problems.

After diagnosing the problem that you are facing, the periodontist will suggest proper gum disease treatment that is required for treating your problem. The method that will be used for treating the gum problem will differ according to the stage of the gum disease.

The main aim of gum disease treatment is controlling the infection, which exists and also to stop the progression of the problem. The treatment options begin from your home only. You should eat healthy food and should brush your teeth properly.

Flossing and brushing is very important as it helps to get rid of plaque. You should include both flossing and brushing as a part of your self-care home treatment plan. Some of the dentists also suggest the use of some special kind of toothbrushes.

Some of the toothbrush comprises of small heads and motors and are more effective in getting rid of plaque as compared to a normal toothbrush. If you are facing problems like gingivitis, then a dentist can also recommend future cleanings almost two times in a year.

If the dentists find out that, you are facing problem of receding gums, then a standard treatment of thorough deep cleaning of root planing and scaling is recommended. In this kind of gum disease treatment the tartar and plaque is scraped from below and above the gum line with the help of scaling.

Whereas, root planing helps to smooth out the rough spots, in which the germs collect. Depending on operational field, the treatment may vary as for some patients a method might be effective and safe and for some it might be the opposite case.

The way your gum problem has progressed and the way you responded to your earlier treatments as well as your complete health will determine the type of treatment that is required to treat your problem.

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