Diverticulitis Treatment Medication And Cure

Diverticulitis Treatment

A digestive disease beginning with abnormal pouch formation within the colon is termed as diverticulosis. These pouches have the latent ability to erupt, form septic sacs of pus through infections or perforating the walls of the colon.

This condition is termed as diverticulitis and can be quite painful. The extra growth is called diverticula. The diverticulitis treatment depends on the severity of the symptoms and the physical condition of the patient.

Symptoms – Diverticulitis Treatment

Disease is predominantly found in people who are older than 50 years and is more prevalent among the Americans than among Asians or Africans. It is attributed to the tendency of this nation to eat food that is low in fiber. More than 50% of population have been affected by the illness and will have several attacks in the course of the lifetime. In several situations diverticulitis treatment becomes more drastic.

Prevalent symptoms are:

  • Pain in left lower quadrant
  • Constipation
  • Bowel habit changes
  • Vomiting or nausea
  • Bloating
  • Flatulence

There is localized tenderness in the abdomen and if peritonitis is present rebound and guarding is also present.         

Methods of diagnosing the illness

If you want to know how to treat diverticulitis it is simple: with great care, especially to the intestines. This disease is usually found when testing for other illnesses. The direct methods include:

  • Abdominal ultrasound
  • Computerized Tomography Scans
  • Blood tests
  • Signs of bleeding

Popularly followed Treatment Methods

A full cure for diverticulitis is possible. Normally the treatment is based on the method of handling the colon with care. The illness is predominantly food and digestion based one and so the digestive system is given priority.

All treatment of diverticulitis is based on this approach. In the normal course of diverticulitis treatment antibiotics is started as a first step. In all aspects of the diverticulitis treatment diet is a primary criterion.

Diverticulitis Treatment for acute care

The acute diverticulitis treatment is relatively simple to follow and implement.

If the symptoms are mild and there is no bleeding, the patient is put on a liquid diet and antibiotics. If he or she has pains pain medication is also prescribed. If the patients are elderly and have additional medical conditions like renal failure or diabetes, the conditions are worsened. For effecting complete diverticulitis cure much care should be given to maintaining a strict and well-structured diet.

Oral antibiotic regimen of ciprofloxacin and metronidazole is started along with the liquid diet. The patient is treated on an outpatient basis.

Treatment for severe illness

When the conditions are severe such as peritonitis or systemic infection then hospitalization could be required. The patients undergoing outpatient treatment who fail to respond adequately to the treatment, develop fever or are not in a position to have oral medication will also be hospitalized.

  • Bowel rest with intravenous antibiotic treatment
  • Antibiotics such as meropenem, ticarcillin-clavulanic acid or ampicillin—sulbactum are begun
  • If patient shows penicillin allergy tigecycline is a good alternative.
  • If there are indications of gross abscesses with collection of pus or fecal matter or if there are perforations, early surgical procedures are indicated.

Emergency colectomy is suggested when there are severe complications such as uncontrolled sepsis or purulent peritonitis. Presence of fistula or strictures could also be a reason. 

Primary bowel resection is advocated when there is a tangible portion of the intestine that is to be removed. In severe cases bowel resection with colostomy is done where two operations spaced by an interval of time is performed. Surgical treatment for diverticulitis is only prescribed as a last resort.

Alternate treatment methods

There may not be a natural cure for diverticulitis as yet, but alternate medicine suggests many methods that could prove useful. There are many who believe in the diverticulitis natural treatment approach.

Probiotics a system of ingesting good bacteria is supposedly being experimented with. This aims at making the metabolism function in a healthier manner. The other conditions would include a healthy lifestyle and good care for the colon.

These treatments are mild and prove beneficial to many. It is for this reason that the alternate diverticulitis treatment is finding much popularity among the patients. So much effort is now going into finding out how to cure diverticulitis naturally.

Prognosis – Diverticulitis Treatment

Be sure to follow up the treatment since there could be recurrence of the illness. The number of people who are completely cured after treatment only matches the incidence of recurrence.

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