Can High Blood Pressure Cause Headaches?

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The symptoms of high blood pressure (or hypertension headaches) often go unnoticed. In many cases it is when you are trying to figure out why other issues are arising and you realize that they are a result of high blood pressure.

Headaches are no exception as many individuals with high blood pressure have been suffering from frequent headaches. If you were unsure of what has been causing these headaches then you may want to consider whether your blood pressure may be to blame.

The simple answer to the question “can high blood pressure cause headaches?” is yes. Studies have shown that headaches are a common symptom for people with high blood pressure levels.

If you have blood pressure problems and find yourself having frequent headaches then there is a good chance that the high blood pressure is causing them. It is still possible for you to have other causes for your headaches but this would be the major potential cause which should first be addressed to try and stop the headaches from occurring.

How to Prevent High Blood Pressure Related Headaches

If you have high blood pressure then you will want to make sure that the medical condition does not lead to any side effects. The most noticeable symptom of blood pressure problems is frequent and worsening headaches.

As a result, you will definitely want to make sure that the headaches occur as infrequently and lightly as possible. There are many ways to treat headaches in general but the best method of taking care of them is to prevent them from occurring to begin with.

The most simple way for you to prevent headaches as a result of your high blood pressure is to not allow your blood pressure to get high. This is often easier said then done as keeping your blood pressure under control is very difficult to do.

Once you get used to it you should not have any issue preventing your blood pressure from getting too high and causing you headaches. You should already know how to treat high blood pressure if you have this medical problem so just make an extra effort to keep your blood pressure low and the headaches should start to go away.

How to Keep Your Blood Pressure Low

A low blood pressure for people with blood pressure problems is the result of a change in lifestyle. You will have to make an effort in every level of your life in order for you to have full control of your blood pressure. The main area which will need to be evaluated and changed a bit is your diet plan.

You will want to limit your consumption of food that increases your blood pressure levels. There are foods which may lower your blood pressure levels, such as fruits and vegetables, which would be good to eat. The Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension (DASH) diet program is highly recommended.

Your salt and sodium intake will have to be decreased. This is addressed in the DASH diet program. You will want to limit or restrict alcohol intake as well. Quitting smoking should help you with lowering your blood pressure levels even more. There are other potential changes which you could make to further treat hypertension.

As a result of many of the changes you make you will likely drop to a healthier weight and become more active. All this will show great results in keeping your blood pressure low and preventing blood pressure related headaches.

Ultimately, keeping your blood pressure under control should help prevent or minimize headaches from occurring but it is recommended that you should speak with your doctor to help take care of this issue.

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