Be Acquainted With The Symptoms Of Diabetes During Pregnancy

It is an unwritten rule to be extra careful and cautious about health during the women’s beautiful phase of life: pregnancy. The health of both the mother and the unborn is the responsibility of the pregnant woman. She is the one who has to fine tune and maintain the health of the unborn.

Most common disease during pregnancy these days is the gestational diabetes. You may notice the symptoms of diabetes during pregnancy. Diabetes may occur to any pregnant non-diabetic women.

It is the situation where the woman generates sufficient insulin, but due to hormonal changes that normally happens during pregnancy, due to hormones like cortisol, estrogen, prolactin and progesterone, make the insulin clog in the body.

During gestational diabetes, the glucose in the body does not get absorbed by the cells leading to insufficient supply of glucose. This condition will affect the baby and the mother together.

There are no specific symptoms of diabetes during pregnancy and hence gestational diabetes may be detected during the initial medical tests. Gestational diabetes is temporary. Every pregnant woman develops resistance to insulin, but few get affected by gestational diabetes. The classic symptoms of diabetes during pregnancy help identify gestational diabetes.

Symptoms of diabetes during pregnancy

The characteristic symptoms of diabetes during pregnancy are listed below. These symptoms will help you in identifying and to get tested for gestational diabetes as there are no precise, specific or exact symptoms.

  • Unquenched thirst for fluids
  • Poor vision
  • Feeling to urinate frequently
  • Unexpected and voracious hunger pangs.
  • Feeling extremely tired and fatigued

Though gestational diabetes affect pregnant women, the following list are the more prone ones.

  • Women above the age of twenty-five
  • Obese women
  • Women who smoke and consume alcohol
  • Women with family history of diabetes
  • Women belonging to minority ethnic group
  • Women with the history of prenatal birth
  • Women with previous history of big baby

Things to avoid after seeing symptoms of diabetes during pregnancy

Diabetes during pregnancy is normally and naturally treated. It is suggested that the mother-to-be follows some tried and test methods that prevent or cure gestational diabetes after being diagnosed with the symptoms of diabetes during pregnancy.

It could be treated with balanced and nutritional diet, good amount of sleep and following a regular exercise regimen. It is easy to control and manage gestational diabetes by following few rules and regulations meticulously.

  • Smoking and alcohol consumption is strictly prohibited
  • Plenty of water and fresh vegetables and fruit juices should be consumed.
  • Include lots and lots of greens and fruits in your diet
  • Do not forget to take folate supplement tablets.
  • Make sure to do some light exercises like walking stretching and yoga.
  • Eat small portion of food at regular intervals instead of heavy and full meals.
  • Do not avoid fat. Make sure to intake good fat.
  • Excessive use of salt should be avoided.
  • Record your daily activities and medical reports.

By following the above regimen, you can sure safeguard yourself from the symptoms of diabetes during pregnancy. It is in your hands to manage your health and the unborn baby’s health. By exercising caution and care, you can save yourself from getting caught in gestational diabetes.

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