Are There Any Signs And Symptoms During Atherosclerosis?

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The signs are not easily visible nor does atherosclerosis symptoms are detected until the person gets a heart attack or stroke. The main reason is that the disease remains unnoticed until the arteries get totally blocked or significantly narrowed. Yet in some cases it is detected when the symptoms is explained to an experienced doctor who would then suggest some clinical tests.

It usually suggested by doctors that the patient undergoes a MRI scan which means Magnetic Resonance Imaging as this is seen to be more effective than ECH which means Electrocardiography. This is especially good when silent heart attacks occur and which is easily seen in the MRI scan.

The doctors detect symptoms as different arteries give off signs differently. Therefore, if the person feels something quite unusual he or she should at once consult their doctor. It is seen that silent heart attacks have been a reason for the spurt in death from heart attacks. Your atherosclerosis symptoms if detected initially can save your life too.


Problems Due To Plaque Formation

Sometimes, atherosclerosis symptoms and other signs appear when there is plaque formation in the coronary arteries. In such case you may feel some chest pain or discomfort in that region. This happens when the heart muscle do not get enough of oxygen. The chest pain is commonly known as angina while the plaque that narrows or blocks the arteries is called the coronary heart disease. You may also feel the pain in your shoulders, neck, jaw, arms and the back portion of your body.

In some persons angina may look as if they had indigestion problem and rest is suggested so as to bring down the pain. Then you may suffer from shortness of breath and there may by slight rate change in your heart beat. Some patients experience sleeplessness too.

On the other side is when a plaque narrows or blocks the carotid arteries and then you may have symptoms that often resembles a stroke. You may experience sudden weakness all over the body and this may look like near paralytic situation where you feel the inability to move your arms, legs and this is usually seen only in one part of the body.

Some people experience problem with speech, breathing problems, vision in only one eye, dizziness, severe headaches, and confusion and loosing consciousness suddenly.

If you experience peripheral arterial disease when plaque build up in that artery which supplies blood to legs, arms and other region like the pelvis. You may experience numbness, pain and suffer from infections.

When the same plaque building occurs in the renal arteries which supplies blood to the kidneys you may suffer from kidney malfunction. Later on you may suffer from loss of appetite, nausea, itching in the arms and experiencing problems is concentration and this is a sure sign of atherosclerosis symptoms.

Facts About Atherosclerosis

You must at once go to your doctor if you have problems in any of the above as this may be atherosclerosis symptoms. You must know that at initial stage atherosclerosis symptoms is treatable.

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