Arctic Blast Pain Relief Review

Arctic Blast Review

Do you experience horrible, chronic pain, especially from conditions that get worse as you age?  There are loads of people out there who have issues with their joints, with arthritis, and connective tissue injuries.  And, because these painful conditions can be so uniquely excruciating, a lot of money goes into pharmaceutical products that are supposed to help relieve pain.  However, these methods can be costly and certainly can have some unwanted effects.  So, what about non-prescription, non-mainstream pain relievers?  Well, today we’re going to be talking about Arctic Blast Pain Relief, a new topical oil.

Arctic Blast Pain Relief claims that it can help you experience pain relief quickly and easily.  And, if you’re searching for a pain management system that’s totally different from what you’ve seen before, we’re guessing that this is about as different as it gets.  But, before you order this product, we’re going to look at the potential benefits, as well as side effects, and whether this product can truly be effective for you.  However, if you don’t want to read more about Arctic Blast Pain Relief, and you want to check out another popular pain relief method that’s currently in the top slot, make sure you click the button below now.  You’ll see the #1 product – just don’t miss out if there’s low stock.  Click now.

The Significance of Arctic Blast Pain Relief Drops

What is it about normal over-the-counter and prescription pain medications that can be less than savory?  Well, of course, there are side effects.  And, while we don’t advocate for going off your prescriptions or quitting your OTC pain meds without a doctor’s input, we will say that there’s something refreshing about people doing some of their own research.  So, you’re already doing a good thing by coming here to learn more about Arctic Blast Pain Relief.  However, do Arctic Blast Pain Relieving Drops really have to potential to change your life the way that the Arctic Blast Pain Relief website claims?  Let’s take a look at what we know.

Arctic Blast Pain Relief Details

  • Now Available in the United States
  • Site Advertises a 365 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Product Comes in Liquid Form Exclusively
  • Package Deals May Be Available at Checkout
  • Not for Internal Use – Topical Use Only

How Does Arctic Blast Pain Relief Work?

Obviously, a product that claims to be able to relieve your pain quickly and easily, without being for internal use, is bound to turn heads.  And, even the website itself claims that their offer could disappear at any time, because the pharmaceutical companies could demand that it comes down off the Internet.  We’re a little bit skeptical of this tactic, because this is a marketing method that often causes the consumer to make a purchase quickly, without thinking about it.  But, regardless of their marketing tactics, what else do we see on the Arctic Blast Pain Relief website?  Well, their video claims that this product uses DMSO to help relieve pain.


Arctic Blast Pain Relief DropsDMSO stands for Dimethyl Sulfoxide.  And, it’s actually a clear, odorless liquid, which is probably what you’ll be seeing if you order Arctic Blast Pain Relief.  The interesting thing about DMSO is that it is a by-product of the paper industry, so it’s pretty inexpensive to produce.  That’s the nice thing about certain by-products – you’re already making the paper, so it’s cool when you get something useful out of it on the side.  And, DMSO is actually available in the United States as a solvent, but it is NOT widely available for medical use due to FDA regulations.  So, what does that mean for Arctic Blast Pain Relief?

Well, interestingly enough, there does seem to be at least a little bit of evidence that DMSO in Arctic Blast Pain Relief could be beneficial for pain relief.  One study suggests that dermal application (applying DMSO to the skin) could give temporary, but rapid, relief of arthritis and connective tissue injury pain.  However, the Arctic Blast Pain Relief website takes this claim a step further.  Some of their consumer reviews say that Arctic Blast Pain Relief actually reversed their joint issues.  We don’t know if this is true or possible, but as for the pain relief, it seems like there is some promise to this product.

Side Effects

Of course, the Arctic Blast Pain Relief website says that there are no adverse effects to this product whatsoever.  And, while it seems like a dermally-applied product would be lacking in side effects, that may not be entirely true. 

Anything you apply to your skin could have negative effects.  So, it’s important to still talk to your doctor about whether or not it’s a good idea for you, specifically, to use Arctic Blast Pain Relief.  Because, you may have some specific skin sensitivity that another person may not have.  And, remember that it’s always a good idea to test a topical product on a small patch of skin before spreading it over a larger area.  Plus, you should discontinue use of Arctic Blast Pain Relief or any product if you notice a rash or irritation.

How To Order Arctic Blast Pain Relief

The Arctic Blast Pain Relief website does give several options for ordering this product (you should be able to find the website online, even though they claim there’s a possibility of the site coming down.  If that happens, you may be able to find the Arctic Blast Pain Relief website or order form via a consumer review).  You can go with any of the package deals that you want, but the multi-bottle order could be a little prohibitively expensive.  So, just see how much you’re comfortable spending.

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